What is TeamMe Lite App?
TeamMe Lite is event tracker app that allows you to invite friends and track who’s coming in real time.

How to login?
TeamMe Lite is privacy aware app that respects your identity so you don’t need to create any account or provide your email address or phone number. All you have to enter is your nickname. Nickname can be changed at any time on settings page.

How to create event?
To create event please go to events tab and press “New Event” button in upper right corner.
In New Event form required fields are: Event Name, Date and Time. Optionally you can set price and minimal number of participants that are required for event.

How to invite friends to event?
After event is created you can invite users by sharing event key. You can share event key from events tab by swipe left event you want to share or in event info page by pressing share fab in upper right corner.

Import event key
To join existing event please import event key that you got from someone. Best way to import a event key is to copy it and than paste it to Import Event Key field at the bottom of  Events page.

How to change event data?
Event data can be changed anytime by anyone. There is not admin flag so any user in the event can change event name, date, etc…
If event date or time is changed all participating users will change status to “not responded”

How to delete event?
To delete event please go to event info page and press Edit button in upper right corner. After edit event form is loaded press Delete button in upper right corner.
Please note that every user that is added to event can delete event even if it’s not created by him. When event is deleted all event chat and todo list will also be deleted permanently.

How to remove user from event?
To remove user from event please go event info page and swipe left on user you want to remove. Anyone can remove users. Last user can’t be removed from event. To remove last user you have to delete event.
Removed user can again join in event by importing event key.

Status bar info
Each event have status bar that is showing number of users that will come to the event.
If  minimum members are not required in event status bar will transparent. 
If  minimum members are required in event than status bar will filled with light blue color. When minimum members required are met status bar will change color to green.

Todo list..
Each event have todo list to help you organise event.  To create todo please go to event info page and press ToDo List button on lower right corner. Add todo name and assign it to user that is participating in event.
Plase note that all todos in event will be deleted if event is deleted.

Each event have basic chat functionality if needed. Only text messages can be send via chat.
Plase note that all chat messages in event will be deleted if event is deleted.

Delete app..
If you delete app from your phone your user (nickname) will still be in events that you participate in unless someone remove you from those events. If you install TeamMe Lite again probably you will have fresh app with no events. 

Lost your phone..
If you lost your phone your user (nickname) will still be in events that you participate in unless someone remove you from those events.